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Reading is a powerful tool that sparks introspection and conversation. By exposing ourselves to written research and various perspectives, we provide a chance for deeper thinking and discussion about our everyday actions and the systems that shape our society. 

A Blessing Event

Join us in celebrating Black History Month 2022!

"A Blessing": LBL@Harvard Business School presents: A Virtual Author Chat 

February 28, 6-7:15 pm ET, virtual

Join Bonita C. Stewart (former VP of Global Partnerships at Google) and Jacqueline Adams (Former CBS correspondent for the White House), authors and Harvard Business School (HBS) alumni, in a virtual discussion on their research on Women of Color in business, generational diversity, and how Black unicorns can “team up” and find innovative ways to support one another in their careers. Harvard Senior Lecturer Henry McGee will be leading the chat in this exciting Black History Month collaboration between the iconic HBS Baker Library and Little Black Library.

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Don’t see a Little Black Library in your community?

Refer your local librarian to the ‘For Libraries’ section on our website, where they can learn more about the mission behind Little Black Library and fill out a LBL location request form. They can also check out our Library Kit of supporting materials. For other questions and location inquiries, please email us at

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