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What is Little Black Library?

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Our Mission

We want to help public libraries showcase and share important books that engage their local communities on topics of systemic and institutional racism, racial justice, and the Black experience. Setting up an LBL essentially creates a mini library within a library, where readers can easily browse relevant texts all in one place and find additional resources for continued learning. Many of these books are already on library shelves, but we help provide some of the books libraries might be missing to fill those gaps in existing catalogues.


With the help of public library partners, we can create a system and community for collective efforts around continued education, building on the momentum started in Summer 2020.

Why Participate?

Our hope is that as you expand and highlight your library’s book collection, the wider access to these important books and educational materials will help diversify perspectives and encourage thoughtful conversations within the broader community. 


As Little Black Library grows, we want to help you set up and promote library events like book discussions, readings, and author chats to actively engage your community and offer a chance to read and learn together.


We value your voice as a partner in this initiative. If you have suggestions for how we can help engage your community, or books you’d love to see in your library, please send us a message!

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Check out some of our existing partners!

Ready to start your Little Black Library?

Fill out the short form below to receive access to our free library kit, which includes a book catalog of over 125 titles, as well as printable posters and promotional materials to help you set up a physical LBL in your library.

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