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About Us

Our mission is to promote reading and discussions of literature on antiracism and the Black experience

Our Mission

Little Black Library (LBL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to promote thoughtful discussions on the Black experience through increased access to literature and community-based engagement. We do this by bringing a rotating collection of books on systemic and institutional racism, racial justice, and antiracism to communities via their existing public libraries. It is our hope that shining a distinct spotlight on these books will catalyze conversations on race and identity, the history of racial injustices, and antiracist actions. We envision a more inclusive society and aim to engage people of all backgrounds in these continued conversations and education.

Meet the Team

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For Libraries

We want to help public libraries expand access to important books that engage their local communities on topics of systemic and institutional racism, racial justice, and the Black experience. We partner with libraries to help them set up a dedicated section where readers can easily browse relevant texts and find additional resources for continued learning, all in one place. 
With the help of our library partners, we can create a system and community for collective efforts around continued education, building on the momentum started in Summer 2020.

For Readers

We continue to curate a wide-ranging collection of books for all ages and of all genres to help readers easily find the book that is right for them. Our collection encompasses 150+ titles by Black authors and that feature Black protagonists, spanning adult, young adult, and children’s fiction, memoirs, social commentary, antiracism literature, poetry, and more.


Individual reading is just a starting point, but if we can all learn together, then we can grow together and catalyze action within our communities.  

What we do

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